Authenticity of the Vietnamese Dong

A portrait of Ho Chi Minh appears on most of Vietnam’s banknotes, including the 100,000 banknote pictured above. The notes are produced by the State Bank of Vietnam in Hanoi, which is pictured on the back of the note.

Security Features:

  • transparent windows, one containing an image of the State Bank of Vietnam with the dates 1951 and 2001 across the top and “50 NAM” on the bottom, and the other at the lower right contains the numeral “50” and is in the shape of a flower blossom
  • Micro-printing behind the portrait of Ho Chi Minh in a wavy pattern with the words “50 Years State Bank of Viet Nam” and “NHVN”
  • Latent image of the Lac bird
  • Two Intricate line drawings
  • Anti -copying and scanning features
  • Serial numbers fluoresce under ultra-violet light along with minor background patterns