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Sterling Currency Group repurchases or exchanges currency originally sold by SCG / DinarBanker. We reserve the right to refuse the repurchase or exchange of any currency not originally purchased from Sterling Currency Group / DinarBanker.

To sell your currency to us, you must first fill out the form below and then:

  • 1. Complete the SCG Customer Verification Process
  • 2. Submit proof of purchase documentation for your currency (i.e., invoices or packing slips) either by uploading them on your Customer Dashboard -> My Uploads tab, or by e-mail to verification@sterlingcurrencygroup.com.
    • a. Proof of purchase documentation is REQUIRED, even if you purchased the currency from SCG / DinarBanker.
    • b. A certificate of authenticity is not acceptable as proof of purchase.
    • c. Documentation must list your name or entity name (trust, corporation, LLC, or other) and the name of the dealer from whom you purchased the currency.
    • d. If the currency was a gift or transferred, the original receipt of purchase and documents transferring ownership to you are required.
    • e. If the currency is Iraqi dinar that was acquired while you were deployed in Iraq, a copy of your deployment orders is required.
  • 3. Your request to sell currency will be reviewed within 1-2 business days. Once we have approved your request, you will receive an e-mail containing detailed instructions on how and where to send your currency in order to complete your transaction.



Any currency submitted to us without prior approval will require a $20 fee for the currency to be returned to you.

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Shipping Address
We do not ship to P.O. Boxes

Per our licensing requirements, we are only permitted to ship orders to the individual or entity named in the order at the address listed in the order form.
We do not ship orders to third parties. If you wish to have an order sent to another individual's address, you must place a new order in that person's name.

US and Canadian Residents, Please select your State or Province 
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Please press the PLACE ORDER button one time only to avoid placing multiple orders. It may take up to one minute for the order to be submitted.

Layaway Exchange Policy
If you have made a payment on a layaway order and you want to pay the remaining balance and sell your currency to us at our current published rate, we must be notified BEFORE the order expires.

Sterling Currency Group / DinarBanker offers two choices for paying off layaway balances:
  • 1. Pay your layaway balance with US dollars via eCheck, wire, or certified funds by mail.
  • 2. Pay your layaway balance with currency equal to the dollar value owed.

Effective August 20, 2014

Sterling Currency Group / DinarBanker reserves the right to make changes to the exchange procedures and policies listed above at any time. Currency of questionable origin, currency imported illegally to the US, and currency purchased from unlicensed dealers will not be repurchased or exchanged.


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